Are You Chronically Sleep Deprived? How NABBW’s Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed Contest Could Get You Back to Sleep — Again

by Anne Holmes on June 11, 2010

Sleep. Lovely dreamless sleep. And the concept of waking refreshed and ready for action every morning…

If you’re a typical Baby Boomer woman, it’s highly likely that a solid night’s sleep on a regular basis is something you haven’t had enough of for decades. Yet at the same time, you know how important sleep is to your health.

You read the reports and know that research suggests the overall quality of our lives is directly affected by the amount and quality of sleep we experience each day.  In fact, according to the National Sleep Foundation, sleep is as important to our health and overall well-being as air, food and water.

That’s likely why you used to urge your kids to get a good night’s sleep back when they were small. You probably told them that getting a good night’s sleep not only allows your body and mind to recuperate from the stress and hard work of day-to-day activities, but it actually builds your long-term memory, enabling you to store knowledge acquired during the day. And who among us doesn’t want to preserve her long-term memory as long as possible?

So why aren’t you sleeping well now? The problem is, as we age, we women have more and more challenges that impact on the success of our sleep…

Likely Your Sleep Challenges  Have Come As a Result of One of These Problems:

  • Chronic pain – often back pain or fibromyalgia
  • Restless leg syndrome
  • Indigestion
  • Worry – inability to relax due to stresses of the day
  • Snoring – either your own or your partner’s
  • Sleep apnea
  • Noises that waken you
  • Family members who need your attention
  • Room temperature
  • Caffeine or alcohol consumption too close to the time you went to bed
  • Tossing and turning – again, either you or your partner
  • Not having a regular bedtime routine
  • Exercise – either not getting enough or exercising too close to bedtime
  • Sleeping on an uncomfortable bed. Too hard, too soft, or sleeping on a lumpy mattress
  • Trying to sleep in a room that’s not dark enough…
  • Prescription drugs and medications, including sleeping pills
  • Night sweats
  • Allergies

Whew! While that’s not  a complete list of reasons Baby Boomer women report not being able to sleep, it’s enough of a list to give you a good idea of why so many of us don’t sleep well. There are just so many things that can keep you from getting a good seven to eight hours of shut-eye.

Having Personally Overcome a Myriad of Sleep Challenges in My Lifetime, I Am a Sleep Evangelist.

Friends will tell you that I am adamant about getting at least seven hours of good solid sleep nightly — and I prefer eight.

Which is why I immediately agreed when, as the newly self-dubbed “Boomer in Chief” of the NABBW, we were approached by the good folks at Select Comfort, makers of the Sleep Number Bed®, to run a contest giving away a beautiful queen  Sleep Number Bed.

Big News: NABBW is Giving Away a Sleep Number Bed. And YOU Could Win It!

And we’re not talking about  just any Sleep Number Bed, this is the p5 Bed by Sleep Number, their most popular model. It’s manufactured with a plush layer of comfort material and a super-soft, breathable knit fabric over top of their unique air-chamber design to make it a personal oasis of comfort.

Talk About Layers of Comfort!

I’ve never been to a factory to see how beds are made, but I checked out this video and was really impressed. I’d thought the air chamber-type beds were fairly simplistic – you know, just an air mattress covered in fabric, and a frame. But, as someone who’s tried water beds, traditional mattresses and those fancy foam products, let me tell you, I was really impressed with what goes into these beauties.

Watch the video yourself, and you’ll discover that the p5 features:

  • 11-inch European-style™ supersoft pillowtop features a knit that’s breathable to help you sleep comfortably.
  • A full two inches of something they call their exclusive Intralux® comfort material, designed to respond quickly as you move.
  • Three unique zones naturally support your body’s curves.

Once you know that, I’m sure you’ll be looking for the link, to get yourself signed up to win! Here it is! NABBW Select Comfort Sleep Number Bed Contest

Good luck with the contest! I hope you win!

Me? Since I can’t enter my own contest, I’m off to order one for myself!


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