Baby Boomer Woman: Gayle Carson

by Anne Holmes on March 18, 2010

Certified Speaking Professional, Certified Management Consultant and Personal Coach, NABBW member Dr. Gayle Carson,  is always ready to help others “be the best they can be,” with plenty of energy, attitude, enthusiasm and drive.

Gayle is celebrating 50 years in business and during this time, she developed a company with 7 offices managing 350 people, worked as a consultant, speaker, trainer for 1000 clients in 50 industries in 50 countries and 49 states and was known as the “Wiz of Biz.”

President of the Internet Information Marketing Association, Gayle has written innumerable books, audio, Video and CD programs, hosted a radio show for Entrepreneur Magazine, and is currently mentoring, coaching and working with boomer women and beyond as the “Spunky Old Broad.”

Here’s what Gayle has to share with Baby Boomers everywhere:

  • Using one paragraph, tell us a bit about yourself?

October 1, I celebrated my 50th year in business.  I live on both coasts (San Diego and Miami Beach), enjoy having diversified business activities, volunteer with professional organizations in my industries, and continue to write, speak, consult and coach to boomer women and beyond.  I was married for 45 years to a wonderful man who recently passed away, worked in 50 countries and 49 states, had my last book go to #7 on Amazon’s Best Business Books and have two radio shows.

  • Tell us about your family; married, divorced, children, grands, boomerangs or parents living with you, etc.

I am widowed, have two living children (one deceased), a granddaughter and a great-grandson.  My 99 ½ year old Mom just passed away September 15.

  • What is your favorite childhood memory that is reminiscent of growing up in the 50s, 60s or 70s?

My favorite childhood memory is of all the good times there were in the 50’s.  You were safe, punished if you experimented (so you always tried never to get caught) and everything was very positive and hopeful.

  • What qualities do you have that speak of our generation of women?

Not sure if this speaks of our generation, but I am independent, assertive, kind, loyal, a good friend, and hard working.

  • What inspires you?

Everything inspires me.  My workouts, the people I meet, the books I read, the events I go to, other people’s experiences.

  • What brings you the most pleasure in midlife?

My pets bring me the most pleasure.  I watch them on my bed at night playing or sleeping and I think “It can’t get much better than this.”

  • Do you have any interesting hobbies?

My hobbies include working out, theatre/movies, reading, swimming.

  • Do you have a favoriate book or movie? If so, tell us why it’s your favorite.

I like “chick flicks” because I don’t have to think.  When I go to the movies, I want to be entertained.

  • Do you travel and if so, who are your favorite travel partners and where do you like to go?

My favorite place to go is San Diego which is why I have a condo there.  I go every month for a week with my favorite traveling companion “Abby” my little Yorkie.

  • Do you practice preventive medicine? Please elaborate.

As a three time breast cancer survivor, I practice preventive medicine all the time.  I have my annual check ups, go to the dentist 4 times a year for cleaning, I brush, floss and pick after every meal, take herbal and vitamin supplements and work out two hours a day.

  • What do you stress about?

Not too much to stress about except the current real estate market which I’m heavily involved with.

  • Is it important for you to retain your youthful looks, and if so, to what degree are you willing to go?

I like to look good so I use facials, creams etc, but wouldn’t have a face lift if I can avoid it.  After 12 surgeries that I didn’t want, I don’t want an elective one.  By being happy and working out, I look younger than my age.

  • Have you re-invented yourself, and if so, how?

I re-invent myself all the time and even own the domain “Re-Invention Guru.”  I have started new businesses based on what the demand is at the time.  I didn’t get on the computer until I was 60 and now practically live on it out of necessity.  There are 4 new businesses that I have started just in the last 5 years.

  • Do you plan to retire?

I never plan on retiring.

  • Are you doing anything to GO Green?

I recycle, but don’t do as much as I should.  I turn off the water every time I use it, even between rinsing my face.  I try to use as much paper over and over again as I can.

  • Do you engage in any faith based practices?

No real faith practices.  I am trying to become more spiritual.  People say I am very spiritual in my attitude and lifestyle, but I know people who do a much better job at it than I do.

The selling of my first business at 42 set me on another path, then again at 63 with another new one, and now at 71, 2 more.  Although becoming a widow has thrust another turning point, I still pretty much do what I have always done, lived my life according to my standards.

  • Do you still have unfulfilled dreams, and are you doing anything to accomplish them?

I don’t have a bucket list.  But I do live my daily life working, playing and loving what I do.  Since I have traveled so much in my work, I don’t desire to go to a lot of other places.  I would like to experience the Galapagos Islands, but other than that, I am content.

  • How do you make a difference in the lives of others, your community, your world?

I make a difference every day with the things I write, the coaching I do, the women I speak to, and the way I live my life.  I take a leadership role in the organizations I belong to and try to privately counsel those who need it.

My mother had the biggest influence on my life.  She was my mentor and teacher at a time when women didn’t talk about independence.  She always stressed it was important to carry your own weight and be able to support yourself.  She fought for my sister and I to go to college and always held me accountable and responsible for anything I took on.

  • If you were to have a personal mission statement, what would it be? Feel free to be as serious or fun as you choose.

My personal mission statement at this point in my life is “It’s not over until it’s over.  It’s never too late to be who you want to be and do what you want to do.”

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