Baby Boomer Women Share Voices

by Anne Holmes on August 25, 2009

In 2002, I launched BoomerWomenSpeak to connect, encourage and support my generation of women, those born between 1946 and 1964. The other purpose of the site was to give my generation of women an online voice. Due to the success of that site I launched the National Association of Baby Boomer Women, to educate and empower women at midlife. Both sites share then number one and two spots on major search engines for “baby boomer women.” It has been a glorious journey.

Moving along with the whole internet gig and watching many other sites launched for the same demographic, I’ve had to stay on my toes to offer the continued quality of material for our teleseminars, articles, monthly newsletters, weekly updates for members of the NABBW, and forum content for the Virtual Girl’s Night Out Forum where I post daily.

You can imagine my surprise when the Search Engine Optimization company I hired said, “You really need a blog.” Holy Moly, don’t I write enough? I write articles, newsletters, and post about boomers in my forums daily. You’ve got to be kidding. After putting the initial shock aside, I read books and blogs about blogging, watched videos, listened to teleseminars and now I’m ready to jump in with both feet. I can’t wait. I’ve worked with three companies to get the blog just the way I want it. The third company was a perfect match. Terri at creativeblogsolutions understood that I’d been online for seven years, had done my homework, and knew exactly what I wanted. We worked well together and now you are the first to see the creation.

You can look forward to a peek into the lives of everyday boomer women. We’ve surveyed our audience and know exactly what boomer women want.

My hope is that you will share your comments, let me know what you think, and also email me at if you want to be featured on this blog. We have a questionnaire we’d love you to answer. That’s only if you are a boomer woman!

Onward with grace.

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